What Our Customers Say?

"The level of service I would like to give back to the community."

Marco T.
It was my first time going into an autobody shop. Thankfully Victor and the staff there didn't make it as nerve wracking as I expected it to be. Service was prompt and they go over what they will do to your car so that it doesn't feel like they're just giving you a random estimate. When Victor walked me through their shop I was surprised that they have a looot of cars that need working on. It goes to show that people are choosing this place to get their cars fixed. I will definitely recommend my peers to this place. As an aspiring automotive service tech, this is the level of service I would like to give back to the community.

"I would recommend this place in a heartbeat!"

Louise L.
I was in an accident and my front end was totally smashed. Took it to an autobody shop in Richmond and the cosmetic part of the job was done but heard a noise coming from the engine that wasn't there before so I thought it was caused by the accident. The manager at the autobody shop could not diagnose the problem.. So I was sent away. Called Icbc and told them the story, they told me to go see a mechanic . Went online and searched and Grand Performance came up.. Very close to my house which was perfect! Went in and after 10 mins they diagnosed the problem.. The water pump! They were quick to fix it and told me that they had misquoted me and the actual price was lower than what they quoted me! It's always nice to hear that! Very nice and honest people that work there. Being a girl.. It sucks to walk into a garage not knowing the cost of anything so i would've paid the higher amount ... But thank you to Victor for being so honest! I would recommend this place in a heartbeat!

"Excellent workmanship and integrity."

Larry H.
Fabulous experience of dealing with this company for my first time to repair my Lexus front bumper due to accident damage!  The staff was courteous and thorough to explain to me about the possible variation in ICBC coverage, as the damage could not be visualized without taking the bumper off. My car was swiftly repaired and painted to match perfectly within three days.  A minor repair (of a missing button to close the panel inside my trunk) was thrown in, out of the courtesy of Victor.  All in all, I would highly recommend anyone to use this company for auto repair service of excellent workmanship and integrity.  I am glad I took my car there just based on the reviews I have read.